SLY-160 Solar Street Light   SLY-120 Solar Street Light   SLY-100-A Solar Street Light   SLY-80-B Solar Street Light   SLY-80-A Solar Road Lamps, courtyard lights   SLY-60-B Solar Street Light   SLY-60-A Solar Street Light   SLY-45-A Solar Street Light   SLY-40-D01 Solar Street Light   SLY-40-C01 Solar Street Light  

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Dakim Enterprise Corp., Ltd.   is a leading manufacturer of producing the  many Eco-friendly & Green products, such as Solar Panel Series Products, Solar Lights Series Products, Wind Power Series Products, Cranking & Dynamo Series  &   some TOP NEW products in CHINA from 2000.
Our main products are
1) Solar Panel Series  including   Mono Solar Panel, Poly Solar Panel, Amorphous Solar Panel, Transparent Solar Panel,  Flexible Solar Panel, Small Solar Panel,  Solar Generator, Solar System &  Solar Plant  , Solar Inverter& Controller etc.
(2)Solar Light Series Product including Solar Street Light, Solar Garden Lights,  Solar Security  Lights, Solar Warning Road Stud Lights ,  Solar Lantern, Solar Floating Lights, Solar Mobile charger, Solar Flash lights etc.

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